A Remarkable Life Story
Creates Real Impact for Children

A note from Joe Newman:

"When I was a child and my mother would bring me to the playground, the other mothers would gather their children and leave.  I was defiant, difficult to control, and physically aggressive.  In 1970, when I was 7, I was diagnosed and medicated for ADHD.  Unable to sit still or control my outbursts, I had difficulty succeeding in school.  It wasn't until I left school and began to find success in the world that I began to understand that the characteristics that made me "ADHD" could be channeled to create great things in my life.

I felt a growing dissatisfaction moving from career to career while knowing that millions of children like myself were going through life with parents and teachers who didn't understand how to help them and never discovering their inherent gifts and talents.  In my late-twenties I decided to return to schools and find ways to successfully work with those children whose gifts and struggles were so much like my own."

Developing the Method Through Observation and Practice

In 1991, when Joe was 28 years old, he began working with behavior problem children as a volunteer at an inner city school in Annapolis Maryland.

Six months later he became the Crisis Intervention Specialist at Summit Camp in Honesdale, PA, a summer camp for behavior problem children (280 all-stars from across the country).  Joe spent 6 summers there, first as the ‘Crisis Joe’ then revamping their Education Department, and overseeing and directing the staff of the boy’s camp. The rest of the year Joe worked at schools for behavior problem students throughout Southern California.  In the years that followed he started a mentoring program that spread to seven cities across the country, helped found a charter school and worked as a Behavior Specialist at various schools in Los Angeles.  It was during this time that Joe developed many of the basic methods that would become part of the Raising Lions method.

By the time he’d finished his Master’s degree at Antioch University in 2003 Joe was training and supervising other Behavior Specialists in the methods he’d developed.  The success of his method lead to demands for Joe to train teachers, consult with parents and present at various conferences.

In 2010 Joe published his book Raising Lions.  Since then Joe has consulted with schools and families throughout Southern California.

Training, Consulting, and Presentation Relationships:

  • Montecito Union School District, Montecito CA
  • Chandler School, Pasadena CA
  • Westside Waldorf School, Pacific Palisades CA
  • Highland Hall Waldorf School, Northridge CA
  • Kayne Eras/Exceptional Children’s Foundation, Culver City CA
  • Vista Del Mar School, Los Angeles CA
  • Our Lady of Malibu School, Malibu CA
  • California Ocean of Learning Preschool, Malibu CA
  • Saint Sebastian Preschool, Santa Monica CA
  • Lou Grant Parent-Child Workshop, Carpinteria CA
  • C.A.P.S.E.S Annual Conference (2013, 2012, 2010, 2009)
  • Association of Educational Therapists Conference 2012, Arlington VA

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