Getting Started with the Raising Lions Method

You have taken a great first step by making an appointment to discuss the method further! In order to get the most out of this process, I’d like to walk you through what this process looks like for a typical client, and give you additional resources to help you succeed with my method.


STEP 1: aNSWER SOME Initial Questions

To prepare for the process, I’d like you to take a little time to go over the following questions. You can write down your responses or just prepare them mentally for our conversation.

1. What are your main concerns?

2. Describe the details of what the behavior or conflict looks like, specifically what you are saying and doing what your child is saying and doing.

3. What have you tried so far? What worked? What didn't?

4. How are their behaviors different at school versus at home? Which is the more challenging area right now?

5. What are the activities or times of day when you have the most difficulty?

6. What are the activities, devices, and resources that you provide or allow them? In other words, what things and activities do they most value?

7. What are the things you most want from them that you are not getting right now?

8. Think through your interactions with your children on an average day and identify the moments you're telling your children things they can figure out for themselves or things that they already know. This includes: requests you are repeating, your child ignoring you, feigning inability, using rude language, impulsive actions and physical aggression. How often do these moments happen? Think about examples of these that you can talk about during our phone call

STEP 2: schedule A First coaching CALL

This first 30-60 minute call will go over the ins and outs of the Raising Lions method, and this is where I will inventory the precise issues you are facing with your child at home and in school, and where we are going to focus first.




This step is key for most parents, as it gives you the tools you need to succeed with this method at home without assistance. I will create a custom plan with detailed steps for you to work through at home. It will include scenarios we have discussed, and a general overview of the method.

You will receive your custom protocol about a week, sometimes sooner, after our 60-minute consultation.



This begins the tune-up and refining part of my process. In the first follow-up call, we will go over the plan I’ve made for you and act out scenarios and troubleshoot your questions. This will enable you to implement the protocol at home and answer your initial questions. Follow-up calls after this first one will be made as needed to continue fine-tuning this protocol and give you additional tools to succeed in even the most trying moments.


For phone and video consultations, my hourly rate is $250. For a typical family, this program will look like this:

  • 15-minute consultation: Complimentary

  • 60 Minute Call: $250

  • Custom Protocol: $250

  • Follow-up Call 1 (learning the protocol): $250

  • Follow-up Call 2 (troubleshooting & refining): $250

  • Follow-up Call 3 (addressing in-school issues): $250

  • Follow-up Call 4 (fine-tuning after a month of protocol use): $250

The goal of my work with families is to teach the tools and philosophy to parents that they need to transform their relationship with their children. As such, this isn’t a process that last years, but is a finite process on a limited timeframe that ends when the parents get everything they need. This process typically takes between 5 and 25 hours, after which, parents are entirely self-sufficient and moving forward.

If you are in the greater Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, or Orange County areas, I do travel to clients and conduct in-home consultations with minimal travel costs associated along with the fee schedule above. If you are local to these areas, this can often be the best solution for your family.


Along the way, you can tap into the many resources I’ve made on YouTube, or listen to interviews that have many practical applications. All of these resources can be found under the “Resources” tab at the top of this page.