"Anyone who is willing to actually DO IT... will be astonished with the ever progressing and lasting results."

"I really thought we had tried every possible approach when dealing with a smart, strong willed, very difficult child. It finally got to the point where I was considering quitting my job. We were all stressed out and didn’t know what else to do with this disruptive, anxious child who constantly spat, hit, kicked and body slammed his peers. He was too big and too strong to remove, let alone keep away from hurting the others. This child consumed everyone’s 6-hour day. We brainstormed and tried new things daily. My director was having sleepless nights and at a loss of what to do next.

Joe Newman was hired to help and what he did was equip us with new techniques. The child went from being stressed out and angry, to enjoying his peers and teachers and them enjoying him. Joe gave us clear and simple to use instructions, and the key was to be consistent and calm. The change we saw in the child was incredible and immediate. Our classroom became balanced, calm and once again inspiring. Joe Newman reinforced something so simple and strong, that anyone who is willing to actually DO IT, not just “try”, will be astonished with the ever progressing and lasting results.

Thank you, Joe Newman."  -- Sarai Rollins Teachers Assistant, California Ocean Of Learning School, Malibu, CA