"Truly helps these children reach their fullest potential."

“Throughout my many years as an experienced behaviorist working with children with special needs; ranging from autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities I’ve always encountered difficulties and disappointments in completing my work in helping my students. Despite my extensive training in various autism and behavioral modification programs I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the result or efficiency of these programs. Working years and years with a team of behaviorists, supervisors, and other specialists and applying their form of a behavior program, it was extremely frustrating to see many of our students, showing improvements, but never becoming fully independent and functional.

After meeting Joe Newman and learning his methods I found myself ditching many of the things I learned from other programs, and starting fresh with this new ideology of action prompts and consequences. For my first case, I worked with a young boy who had an immensely difficult time with self-control in the school environment. Putting Joe’s behavior protocol to work, I immediately noticed my student responding differently to various tasks and instructions. Within a year’s time, he was no longer needing my assistance and able to display a higher level of self-control than ever before; initiating tasks on his own, finishing his work quickly, and preparing for the next instruction. I have since worked on several other cases with Joe, and with every new child I’ve worked with and put through his program, the more certain I am that he has found what works (and what doesn’t) and truly helps these children reach their fullest potential. I have yet to find any other method that is both as extremely effective and efficient as the one I learned from Joe Newman.” -- Jennifer Nam, Culver City, CA