Change the Behavior Dynamics at Home:

A single, proven method works now and forever.

Changing your home from stressful and conflict ridden to peaceful and harmonious is easier than you think when you’ve got the right method and a little coaching.  The Raising Lions method is straightforward and clear.  Parents find its tools quickly become intuitive and authentic, an approach they can use everyday.  

Joe Newman coaches parents to be both firm and compassionate at the same time, while setting boundaries in a way that gradually decreases tantrums and power struggles.  The parents he coaches begin to see big changes in a few days to a few weeks.

The Process For Immediate and Lasting Change

  • CONTACT: Clients contact Joe Newman to arrange a complimentary initial phone consult.
  • OBSERVATION: In-home observation and interviews with parents about their most common struggles helps Joe Newman identify the behavior dynamics.
  • PROTOCOL: An individualized protocol is created for each family's needs based on Joe Newman's observations, methods and experience.
  • CONSULTING: In person coaching sessions teach parents to master their protocol in a variety of scenarios.

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