Change the Behavior Dynamics at Home

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A single, proven method works now and forever.

Changing your home from stressful and conflict-ridden to peaceful and harmonious is not only possible, but easy with the right tools.  The Raising Lions method is straightforward and clear.  Parents acquire its tools quickly and intuitively, and find it to be an approach they can use everyday.  

Joe Newman coaches parents to be both firm and compassionate at the same time, while setting boundaries in a way that gradually decreases tantrums and power struggles.  Parents begin to see big changes in as little as days to a matter of a few weeks.

The Process For Immediate and Lasting Change

  • 15-Minute Consultation: Clients contact Joe Newman to arrange a complimentary initial phone consult.
  • Coaching: At this stage, Joe will conduct Skype or in-home observations and interviews with parents about their most common struggles to help identify and correct the behavior dynamics.
  • Protocol: A custom protocol is created for the child's needs based on Joe Newman's observations, methods and experience.
  • Follow-up Coaching: Follow-up coaching sessions teach parents to master their protocol in a variety of scenarios.

Click the “Schedule Consultation” button below to set up a free initial phone consult with Joe.  

Schedule of Fees

For phone and video consultations, my hourly rate is $250. For a typical family, this program will look like this:

  • 15-minute consultation: Complimentary

  • 60 Minute Call: $250

  • Custom Protocol: $250

  • Follow-up Call 1 (learning the protocol): $250

  • Follow-up Call 2 (troubleshooting & refining): $250

  • Follow-up Call 3 (addressing in-school issues): $250

  • Follow-up Call 4 (fine-tuning after a month of protocol use): $250

The goal of my work with families is to teach the tools and philosophy to parents that they need to transform their relationship with their children. As such, this isn’t a process that last years, but is a finite process on a limited timeframe that ends when the parents get everything they need. This process typically takes between 5 and 25 hours, after which, parents are entirely self-sufficient and moving forward.

If you are in the greater Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, or Orange County areas, I do travel to clients and conduct in-home consultations with minimal travel costs associated along with the fee schedule above. If you are local to these areas, this can often be the best solution for your family.