Online Workshops

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I’m proud to offer e-workshops on Zoom starting in February 2019! You can see the current offerings and sign up at the link below. If you see no current offerings, or there are no slots currently available, sign up for the newsletter here to get the next sign-up directly in your inbox!

Raising Lions 101: An Introduction to the Raising Lions Method

This course covers the basic philosophy and tools needed to get started with the Raising Lions method. It is a highly practical jump-start to get results in your home. Included in this class is a workbook that will be used to create a personal protocol for your family and a follow-up email with the Raising Lions team to answer questions that come up after the session.

Raising lions 102: Raising Lions in the Classroom

This course is especially helpful for teachers and professionals working with children. During this workshop, Joe will go over his classroom philosophy, common classroom and playground scenarios, how to adjust classroom protocols according to the needs of your classroom and school (private vs. public), and tools specific to different types of children. This course will include a workbook for teachers and a follow-up email.

raising lions 103: rAISING tEENAGE LIONS

This course is designed for the particular needs that parents have with their teens and the tools that Joe has developed specifically for dealing with teenagers. Included in this course is a workbook and follow-up emails.


This course is for parents who have consulted with Joe in the past, or have completed one of the 100 series workshops, and are looking to fine-tune their skills with the Raising Lions method. Like the 100 series, this will include special materials for the class as well as follow-up emails to the Raising Lions team.

Don’t see what you need here? Want to create a private workshop for your organization or school? Email the Raising Lions team at to get more information on personalized e-workshops.