The Raising Lions Method is a proven, simple path to real change.


Using the Raising Lions Method, parents and teachers help children develop self-motivated, harmonious relationships at home and in school.

The Raising Lions method begins by teaching you why children do what they do.

Then, it gives you the tools to help them guide their own behavior and become happier and more successful participants in the world.



Group Workshops


Joe Newman was one of the first children to be diagnosed with ADHD. Growing up with this label taught him that he was “broken,” and that he had a limited potential. Through experience and change, Joe shattered this label and re-built his identity into a joyfully whole person.

For nearly 30 years, Joe has worked with children of all ages who struggle to harness their potential, whether they are diagnosed with a disorder or just having difficulty with boundaries at home or in school. His work has been researched by UCSB and published in his 2010 book, Raising Lions.

Joe coaches parents, teachers and school administrators to raise and teach children to step into the future that they uniquely can build.

Read more about Joe here.

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