What Parents, Teachers, Therapists, and Principals Have to Say About Raising Lions


“We had a really wonderful holiday - probably the best ever.  We have seen a tremendous improvement in our son's ability to regulate himself.  The small breaks are working really well and he takes them willingly with very few times needing to go to any 2:1 time. … We really are just SO grateful for your insight and approach and providing a simple and nonjudgmental approach to help all of us!”

—Julie k., parent

“Your book and methods have been a miracle in our lives! I don't know if you believe in God, but for me, finding your book was a gift from God …Our son has made amazing progress at home and school since we've implemented your method. Not only have most of the "bad" behaviors stopped, but I've seen his confidence grow. He is maturing daily in ways I never thought he would. … My husband and I both agree that this is exactly what we needed. I'm so glad I don't have to medicate my son or stick him in hours of therapy because that's not what he needs and it would've been a big mistake! He is so smart and capable, and now we know it. “


“One of the best books on child-rearing I’ve ever read. Newman describes a cultural shift that has reinforced anxiety and behavior disorders in children by negating parental authority.”

—Barry Michels, Psychotherapist and Bestselling AUTHOR OF “THE TOOLS”

“Newman takes a courageous position with his book and in his work to make the changes that others are afraid to make.”

—Neil Brown, Psychotherapist

“Joe guided us through his method and brought sanity to our lives! Before you put your child on another medication, try Joe Newman’s simple but revolutionary method.”

—Claudia B., Parent

“I sincerely believe that crossing paths with Joe Newman saved my daughter and my family as a whole.”

—Stacy L., Parent

“I can honestly say that Joe Newman’s techniques have completely changed our lives in just a few short weeks. Our four year old son has gone from being aggressive, argumentative and full of anxiety to a boy who is calm, reasonable and most of all happy with himself. Joe has taught us how to provide boundaries in a firm loving and consistent manner without dampening our son’s vibrant spirit. I now look forward to the parenting challenges that we will be faced with in the years to come because Joe has provided us with a comprehensive “road map” to help guide us through the difficult times.”

—Karrie S., Parent

“Thank you for a fantastic four days of in-service training. Your understanding of the foundational principles of psychology, motivation, and child development coupled with personal experience and a heart-centered approach to working with children was very refreshing and highly effective. In particular, I appreciated the manner in which you presented options and choices, to students, in a non-confrontational manner; shifting the teacher/student dynamic to that of a coach or mentor/student association. The success and effectiveness of such an approach was clearly evident the very day you started working with us. As a result of your cogent strategies, classroom disruptions were curtailed and learning time was maximized, and in the process adult/student bonds appeared to strengthen. ……..I immediately perceived the beauty, compassion, and effectiveness contained in your Meet the Hand approach. Its simplicity, combined with your matter-of-fact language and straightforward protocols, enabled skilled veterans and neophytes alike to deploy them with equal effectiveness.”

—Shawn Shaw, DEAN OF Students at Montecito Union School

"I really thought we had tried every possible approach when dealing with a smart, strong willed, very difficult child. It finally got to the point where I was considering quitting my job. We were all stressed out and didn’t know what else to do with this disruptive, anxious child who constantly spat, hit, kicked and body slammed his peers. He was too big and too strong to remove, let alone keep away from hurting the others. This child consumed everyone’s 6-hour day. We brainstormed and tried new things daily. My director was having sleepless nights and at a loss of what to do next.

Joe Newman was hired to help and what he did was equip us with new techniques. The child went from being stressed out and angry, to enjoying his peers and teachers and them enjoying him. Joe gave us clear and simple to use instructions, and the key was to be consistent and calm. The change we saw in the child was incredible and immediate. Our classroom became balanced, calm and once again inspiring. Joe Newman reinforced something so simple and strong, that anyone who is willing to actually DO IT, not just “try”, will be astonished with the ever progressing and lasting results.

Thank you, Joe Newman."

—Sarai Rollins, Teacher’s Assistant AT California Ocean Of Learning School Malibu, CA

“Throughout my many years as an experienced behaviorist working with children with special needs; ranging from autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities I’ve always encountered difficulties and disappointments in completing my work in helping my students. Despite my extensive training in various autism and behavioral modification programs I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the result or efficiency of these programs. Working years and years with a team of behaviorists, supervisors, and other specialists and applying their form of a behavior program, it was extremely frustrating to see many of our students, showing improvements, but never becoming fully independent and functional.

After meeting Joe Newman and learning his methods I found myself ditching many of the things I learned from other programs, and starting fresh with this new ideology of action prompts and consequences. For my first case, I worked with a young boy who had an immensely difficult time with self-control in the school environment. Putting Joe’s behavior protocol to work, I immediately noticed my student responding differently to various tasks and instructions. Within a year’s time, he was no longer needing my assistance and able to display a higher level of self-control than ever before; initiating tasks on his own, finishing his work quickly, and preparing for the next instruction. I have since worked on several other cases with Joe, and with every new child I’ve worked with and put through his program, the more certain I am that he has found what works (and what doesn’t) and truly helps these children reach their fullest potential. I have yet to find any other method that is both as extremely effective and efficient as the one I learned from Joe Newman.”

—Jennifer Nam, Culver City