The Raising Lions Method is a proven, simple path to real change.


Much of modern parenting teaches that children misbehave because something is wrong with their thinking. Joe Newman's approach begins with the understanding that children's behavior is motivated by logical, sometimes sophisticated thinking. Using the Raising Lions Method parents and teachers help children develop self-motivated harmonious relationships at home and in school.

Raising Lions teaches why children do what they do and gives you the tools to help them control their own behavior and become stronger, happier and more successful participants in their world.

Designed From the Inside Out:
About Joe

Most people who work in schools do so because they had a good experience at school themselves. Joe Newman went back to the classroom at 29 having taken much of his 20's undoing the scars of growing up with the identify of "broken."   

Consequently, Joe does not see children as broken and came back to them and you with a path to wholeness and the joy of harnessing potential.