Virtual Coaching Addresses Your Challenges In Real Time

Welcome to Raising Lions virtual coaching. If you’ve ever wished you could have a parenting expert 
supporting you in your most challenging moments, coaching you through things as they happen, now it’s possible. 

The goal of Raising Lions coaching is to give parents the skills and methods to permanently shift the 
dynamics with their children as quickly as possible. Equipped with a completely new set of tools and energized by the new, happier dynamic in the household, many parents master their new behavior protocol in as few as 5 coaching sessions.

It is amazing how quickly things change when you look at things from a different perspective; how quickly you see the results unfold before your eyes.  I’ve turned around many parent / child 
relationships, and I’m looking forward to helping you.

Setup > Observation > Coaching = Success 

  • SETUP: Quickly and easily identify the best environment and technologies for coaching.
  • OBSERVATION: Give Joe Newman access to observe your most challenging scenarios.
  • COACHING: Meet your customized behavior protocol, and receive real time instructions to immediately change the parent-child dynamic.