The Raising Lions Method is a proven, simple path to real change.


People say that children who misbehave have something wrong with their thinking.  Joe Newman knows that children who misbehave are motivated by logical, sometimes sophisticated reasons.

Raising Lions teaches why children do what they do and gives you the tools so children behave better, become stronger, happier, and more respectful.

Designed From the Inside Out:
About Joe

As a child, Joe Newman was like your kids are, difficult, smart and tenacious.  When his mother would bring him to the playground the other mothers would gather their children and leave.  

Most people work in schools because they had a good experience at school themselves.  Joe Newman works in classrooms because he had a horrible experience.  Learn the thinking of the children that are difficult and hard to reach with the Raising Lions Method.




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Raising Lions Behavior Consulting Programs


Knowledge and insight about why children do what they do is the first step toward change, but knowledge and insights alone are often difficult to put into action during difficult moments.  

This is why Joe teaches straightforward, concrete actions and language to use  to change the relationships bewtween adults and children.  Raising Lions Behavior Consulting offers hands-on coaching, scripts, and clear action plans for parents and teachers. 


Click left to purchase Joe's book, "Raising Lions, The Art of Compassionate Discipline."  Watch the testimonial video above to learn how Joe's work has positively changed the life of "Modern Family" star Ed O'Neill.

I sincerely believe that crossing paths with Joe Newman saved my daughter and my family as a whole.
— Stacy L., Parent
Joe guided us through his method and brought sanity to our lives!
Before you put your child on another medication, try Joe Newman’s simple but revolutionary method.
— Claudia B. Parent
Newman takes a courageous position with his book and in his work to make the changes that others are afraid to make.
— Neil Brown, Psychotherapist
One of the best books on child-rearing I’ve ever read. Newman describes a cultural shift that has reinforced anxiety and behavior disorders in children by negating parental authority.
— Barry Michels, Psychotherapist and NYT Bestselling Author of "The Tools"